Harem pants – fashionable and casual


Even though harem pants look like something hippies have brought to us, their origin dates long back in time, possibly 2000 years ago. Back in those days, both men and women had worn specially designed trousers which were designed to be both comfortable and modest. The Western world loved the idea of having comfortable clothes.



You have probably heard the term Fashion Bloomers. Amelia Bloomer was a women’s right activist and a respectable member of the society. During the middle of the 19th century, Amelia led the journal named “The Lilly,” where she announced that she was going to embrace the “new style” of exotic clothes, in order to put aside corsets and the clothes in which ladies felt like trapped. She described in detail how to make a pair of these trousers, and by the summer of 1851, bloomers were the ultimate fashion hit.




The beginning of 20th century brought a new definition of a feminine look, so harem pants were forgotten for a while. The fashion from the early ‘20s to the 60’s was all about cigarette skirt and high heels. There was no room for these fashionable and comfortable trousers. Fortunately, that all changed with the hippies. Hippies were known as free spirit people with colorful clothes which made them feel both good-looking and comfortable. When they appeared, harem pants reemerged on the market. Women loved harem pants due to the fact they made them look sexy, stylish without having to wear tight skirts.




Harem pants made a revolution when it comes to fashion, and both men and women have embraced them gladly. When celebrities embraced harem pants, that was a clear sign they are here to stay. MC Hammer wore them in his video “U Can’t Touch This.” The cut of these pants was just what he needed. Another “big moment” for these pants were in Ralph Lauren’s spring collection in 2009. Golden harem pants inspired by safari and Africa finally found their way to the runway.




Every girl nowadays has at least one pair of harem pants in her closet. Also, I know a lot of girls who practice yoga but are not too fond of yoga pants, due to their body figure. Those ladies would love harem pants since they are comfortable, the patterns are beautiful and can be used for practicing yoga due to their model.

They are not only for a day on a beach; if you combine harem pants with a nice shirt and high heels, you can get a beautiful evening look which is both stylish and original for a night out, dinner with a friend or any kind of celebrations. The advantage of wearing harem pants is that you will feel more comfortable than all the ladies in the room, while still looking amazing.



The model of harem pants is good both for skinny girls and the ones who gained a few extra pounds. The trick with these pants is they will look appealing to any body type and figure due to their cut. Low waist and widen socks allow your body to feel free. Having a pair of these has become a must have fashionable garment.